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The National Coin & Bullion Association is the industry watchdog for the coins, currency, and precious-metals bullion communities.

  • NCBA works to prevent laws and regulations that would be excessively burdensome or would interfere with your ability to do business.
  • NCBA proposes laws that will benefit industry members, from hobbyists to large businesses.
  • NCBA educates dealers on compliance with certain laws, tax requirements, and regulations.
  • NCBA monitors every proposed law or regulation in all 50 states and the federal government.
  • NCBA provides information on laws and regulations as soon as they are finalized.
  • NCBA assists with state initiatives to obtain sales- and use-tax exemptions for coins, currency, and precious-metals bullion.
  • NCBA helps on cash, broker, and consumer reporting.
  • NCBA acts as a clearinghouse for tips on avoiding pitfalls and on new enforcement activities.

NCBA is vital to the success of each person or company conducting business in this industry. Your membership could not be more important.

Look at all you get with an NCBA membership!

Individual Dealers and Companies

Basic ($300): Recommended for a vest pocket or retired dealer (1 Employee)

Basic members receive a membership certificate and the association’s quarterly digital newsletter, MEMBER NEWS. They also receive a NCBA “MEMBER” logo displayed on their booth sign at participating shows, as well as the use of the logo per the terms and conditions of the logo-use agreement (signature required). In addition, they are eligible for low, discounted shipping insurance rates with ShipandInsure.com through the North American Collectibles Association.

Copper ($500): Recommended for a coin shop or show dealer (1–3 Employees)

Copper members receive all the Basic membership benefits, plus:

  1. 1 FREE One-Day service from ANACS—a $100 value
  2. 1 FREE One-Day service from ICG—a $90 value
  3. 1 FREE One-Day (“walk-thru”) service from NGC—a $125 value
  4. 1 FREE One-Day (“walk-thru”) service from PCGS—a $150 value

– $465 value in total. Members also get a discount on prices for NCBA information kits—a 50% savings.

Bronze ($1,000): Recommended for a coin shop or show dealer (4–9 Employees)

Members at this level receive all the Basic and Copper membership benefits, plus an advertisement on the association website’s “Our Sponsors” carousel. Members are also named on a special NCBA sign displayed at participating shows.

Silver ($2,500): Recommended for a coin shop or show dealer (10–19 Employees)

Silver members receive all the Bronze, Copper, and Basic membership benefits, plus their name included in a Coin World and/or Numismatic News NCBA advertisement in their respective ANA World’s Fair of Money issue.

Gold ($5,000): Recommended for a larger Numismatic/Bullion Company (20 or more employees)

Gold members receive all the Silver, Bronze, Copper, and Basic membership benefits, plus a complimentary meal for themselves and one guest at each of the membership / board of directors update dinners.

Platinum ($15,000): Recommended for Numismatic Corporations / Auction Houses / Grading Services

Platinum members receive all the Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper, and Basic membership benefits plus $500 toward their table at the ANA World’s Fair of Money.

Collectors and Organizations / Vendors

Concerned Collectors Coalition

Concerned Collectors Coalition membership is specifically for individuals whose primary source of income is not generated from the sale of numismatic material. Concerned Collectors Coalition members receive a membership certificate and the association’s quarterly digital newsletter, Member News. A member of our Concerned Collectors Coalition does not have membership voting rights.

Concerned Collectors Coalition members need to identify their federal and state legislators as part of the registration process. One of the first steps in convincing federal and state legislators to support our initiatives is finding out who represents you. This allows NCBA and our lobbyists to focus efforts on legislators whose constituents will be directly impacted by the initiatives, so that we can contact them about supporting our efforts when the time comes. It will also allow our lobbyists to create a clear picture of where these key legislators stand on issues related to our initiatives and which committees they serve on before we reach out to them.

Collectors, join NCBA as a Concerned Collectors Coalition member for FREE and join the fight in our initiatives. If you appreciate having access to a fair market for coins and bullion, you benefit from the work we do. You can also contribute $25, $50, $100, or more, to support our initiatives and help shape the future of our numismatic community.

Numismatic Organization / Vendor

Organizations will receive a membership certificate and the association’s quarterly electronic newsletter, MEMBER NEWS. Numismatic organizations can become members of NCBA in two ways: they can join at any of the existing dealer-member levels or pay on a per-member basis, depending on the size of the organization. A Numismatic Organization does not have membership voting rights.

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Remember, NCBA is YOUR INDUSTRY WATCHDOG—but our strength to fight and win comes from YOU. Thank you in advance for your support.

NOTE: NCBA reserves the right to change membership types’ incentives to an equal value.