ICTA Protects Your Business

  • ICTA works to prevent laws and regulations that would interfere with your ability to do business or that would be excessively burdensome.
  • ICTA proposes laws that will benefit industry members, from hobbyists to large businesses.
  • ICTA educates dealers on compliance with certain laws, tax requirements, and regulations.

ICTA Safeguards Your Interests

Since its establishment in 1983, ICTA has developed important contacts within many government agencies. Members of our industry often contact ICTA to get information on laws and regulations before they are finalized.

ICTA Provides Valuable Information

Members call ICTA for help on cash reporting and broker reporting almost daily. We often have the information you need to avoid making costly mistakes, and to help prevent overzealous IRS agents from taking advantage of your lack of expertise. Since we talk to dealers nationwide, ICTA acts as a clearinghouse for tips on avoiding pitfalls and on new enforcement activities.