Anti-Counterfeiting Task Force


  1. Educate law-enforcement authorities and policy makers about the rising threat of counterfeiting,
  2. Mobilize law enforcement to attack counterfeiters where they are most vulnerable, and
  3. Provide expertise and other resources in the investigation and prosecution of counterfeiters and those involved at all levels of their distribution networks.

In support of its mission, ACTF has initiated meetings with federal law enforcement agencies regarding how they can make the most productive use of our industry’s expertise and other resources. Among the opportunities identified are:

  • Providing information about foreign counterfeiters, their products, capabilities, production locations, and business processes.
  • Providing information about suspected distribution networks in the marketplace.
  • Providing local expertise to law enforcement officials conducting current investigations.
  • Providing expert witnesses to testify in counterfeiting cases and reimbursing travel expenses for them.
  • Providing specialized training for local, state, and federal law enforcement officers and prosecutors.
  • Identifying and revising law enforcement and prosecutorial policies that are impediments to the proper prioritization of coin counterfeiting cases.
  • Encouraging the U.S. Mint to adopt packaging and collateral materials that discourage counterfeiting.
  • Recruiting champions in Congress to support anti-counterfeiting initiatives.

Join the Fight!

ACTF is funded entirely through donations. Currently we are seeking to raise at least $500,000 to sustain the task force for the next two years. We are looking for major sponsors to help us with funding this vital mission. 

The ACTF’s mission and programs are needed to support all of us who work in and earn our livings from businesses related to the bullion, numismatic, and circulating-coin industries. We need to improve the abilities and knowledge of those at all levels of law enforcement to ensure that decades of consumer confidence are not eroded by this increasing threat.