ACTF Work Groups 

The Steering Committee chair, with the advice and consent of ICTA’s chairman and director of anti-counterfeiting, creates such work groups and appoints their members, as required, to provide deeper expertise in support of the ACTF. A member of the Steering Committee leads each work group.

Members (non–steering committee)

Joe Boche – Special Agent, Minn. Dept. of Commerce/Fraud Bureau Jimmy Hayes – ICTA lobbyist
Joseph Boling – Paper money specialist, U.S. and foreign; researcher and author Mary Lannin – Independent numismatic researcher
Robert Campbell – All About Coins; ANA Summer Seminar counterfeit detection instructor Scott Spitzer – CEO, Manfra, Tordello and Brookes
Doug Davis – Numismatic Crime Network Barry Stuppler – Barry Stuppler and Co. Inc., incoming president of PNG
Jeff Garrett – Mid-American Rare Coin Galleries, current ANA president Fred Weinberg – Fred Weinberg & Co., error-coin specialist
Ken Gubin – retired chief counsel, U.S. Mint  


Simon Codrington, Joe De Rosa, Barry Stuppler

Development of annual task-force budget. Develop and implement fund-raising campaign to generate sufficient funding to support work of the task force.

Law Enforcement Liaison
Bill Daddio, Doug Davis, Joe Boche, Jeff Garrett

Identify areas of cooperation and develop working relationships with federal, state, and local law-enforcement agencies.

Expert Networks
Bob Brueggeman, Fred Weinberg, Robert Campbell, Doug Davis

Identify and develop teams of experts in various areas of the nation who can identify counterfeits for law-enforcement agencies and act as expert witnesses to testify in court proceedings.

Ute Wartenberg-Kagan, Mary Lannin, Joseph Boling

Assist law enforcement by identifying methods of entry and distribution networks of counterfeit coins and paper money in the United States. Identify and test anti-counterfeiting technology that can be used by dealers and the public.

Michael Fuljenz, Doug Davis, Robert Campbell

Develop curricula, workshops, and seminars to assist in educating law-enforcement professionals about counterfeit coins and paper money in the marketplace.

Packing Security
John Schuch II, Mark Stephenson, Scott Spitzer

Develop direct channels of communication for law enforcement to be able to identify counterfeit third-party coin and paper-money holders, fake certificates, and product packaging of various private and federal mints.

Transport/Storage Security
Scott Schwartz, Scott Dagen

Identify and develop best practices to prevent infiltration of counterfeit coin and bullion products in commercial transport and storage facilities.

Greg Allen, Ken Gubin, Jimmy Hayes

Review and identify changes needed in current local, state, and federal laws and regulations regarding the manufacture, possession, and buying and selling of counterfeit coins and paper money. Also, review and identify changes needed to prohibit the use of fake certificates and packaging and the marketing of such items, including advertising practices in print and online offerings.