As a industry based association, ICTA continues to thrive because of its members’ involvement. Committee participation is an excellent way members do their part in helping the association meet its goals while meeting their professional, networking, and social needs.

Members are encouraged to make the most of membership opportunities by getting involved. Joining a committee is one of the best ways to learn, connect, and make a difference.

Advisory Council

The advisory council advises the board of directors on policy issues that may come before the association relating to the purposes and affecting the members of the association.

Bob Greenstein | (312) 609-0016 | Send Email


The marketing committee develops strategies on how to communicate ICTA's message to potential members and donors as well as to generate interest in its mission and purpose.

David Crenshaw | (678) 430-3252 | Send Email | Marketing Team Calendar

Membership Development

The membership committee develops new and innovative ways to attract new members as well as retain current membership.

David Greenstein | (312) 609-0016 | Send Email 

State Affairs

The state affairs committee is responsible for tracking legislative and regulatory affairs in all 50 states in an easy and effective way. This committee will have a direct and immediate impact on the whole industry ensuring our industry does not become overregulated.

Jonathon Villavicencio | (916) 246-8214 | Send Email  | State Affairs Team Calendar