Chairman's Message

Philip DiehlEvery year, come March, ICTA enters the final stage of its annual membership renewal campaign. We always begin the coming year’s campaign on November 1 and send periodic reminders through February. You’ve probably received several of these emails. 

What with all the demands of starting the new year, many members discover in March that their ICTA memberships have expired. No worries—it happens. It’s happened to me! The good news is that you can rejoin at no additional cost.

I’m dedicating this quarter’s Chairman’s Message to encouraging those of you who have not yet acted to do so, today. We need your support, and whether you realize it or not, you need the support of other ICTA members.

Do you enjoy your exemption from sales taxes in other states when you do business across state lines? For years, ICTA has been fighting attempts in Congress to allow states to tax your interstate sales. We’re fighting the battle again in 2017.

Is your state one of the 34 states that exempt bullion or numismatic coins from sales taxes? ICTA did that, and every year we fight to preserve those exemptions.

Is your state one of only 16 that have not exempted bullion or numismatic coins from sales taxes? Today, ICTA is probably working on legislation in your capital to fix that.

Are regulators or legislators who don’t know our industry taking action that could cripple your business? Today, ICTA is fighting that battle, too.

Do you and your customers benefit from IRA treatment of investments in precious-metal coins? ICTA is your watchdog protecting that favorable tax treatment.

Are you concerned about the rising tide of counterfeits? This year, ICTA launched an aggressive program to fight the importation and sale of counterfeit coins. We are working to educate, mobilize, and support federal, state, and local law-enforcement agencies to make counterfeiters and their partners pay a steep price for their crimes. No one else is fighting this battle for you, today.

We cannot preserve and expand these protections for you and your customers without support from people like you. Without our efforts, you would pay a price, and that price would be many multiples of what you pay each year to contribute to ICTA’s efforts on your behalf.

Please help us help you.

If you’ve ready paid your 2017 dues, thank you. I’m sure you know others in our business. Please encourage them to join, too.

Dues can be paid online. (Login credentials are required. If you don’t know them, you can retrieve them through links at Member Login.) Or, you may mail a check payable to ICTA to David Crenshaw, P.O. Box 237, Dacula, GA 30019.